‘Cult’ that taught ‘orgasmic meditation’ loses Netflix court battle over ‘expose’

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A controversial organization that promoted “orgasmic meditation” has lost its court battle with Netflix. The founder of OneTaste, Nicole Daedone, and head of sales, Rachel Cherwitz, are facing criminal charges for forced labor in New York.

Last week, a Los Angeles judge ruled against the company, finding that Netflix did not act with malice when it released a popular documentary exposing their practices.

Released in 2022, “Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste” came out four years after the FBI began investigating the group. Former members alleged that the program operated like a cult, luring them in with promises of spiritual growth only to trap them in expensive courses that led to sexual and psychological abuse.

Daedone, once a celebrated wellness guru, faced scrutiny after a 2018 Bloomberg Businessweek article detailed “unsavory” practices, including “sexual servitude.”

The FBI initiated an investigation later that year, reports the Express US.

In a June 2022 indictment, federal prosecutors accused Daedone and Cherwitz of targeting individuals with trauma to draw them into “orgasmic meditation.”

This mindfulness exercise involves prolonged clitoral stimulation, which Daedone claimed could lead to spiritual breakthroughs. However, many participants found the practice to be anything but liberating.

Former members recount being compelled to take part in “demonstrations” where they had to strip off and allow strangers to touch them for potential clients. They also claim that they carried out significant work for the organisation without receiving compensation.

Some even resided in communal living situations, where, according to prosecutors, they were monitored and isolated from their loved ones.

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