Colombian Mother, Partner Convicted in Satanic Ritual Killing of Son for Hidden Gold

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In a harrowing incident that has gripped Colombia, Sandra Patricia Caro Perez and her partner, Fabian Andres Carmona Ramirez, have been convicted of the brutal murder of six-year-old Maximiliano Tabares. The tragic event unfolded in the village of Cuturu Alto, Segovia, where the boy’s body was discovered in a hidden grave in October 2022, following a two-day ritual intended to ‘rid him of evil spirits’ and reveal the location of a secret tomb of gold. The couple, who led a Satanic cult known as ‘Los Carneros’, believed the sacrifice would lead them to immense wealth.

Following the disappearance of Maximiliano in September 2022, an extensive police investigation led to the discovery of the child’s body and the arrest of Perez, Ramirez, and four others connected to the sect, including Maximiliano’s grandmother and her partner. Evidence collected from the family’s home pointed to occult practices, including voodoo dolls, spell books, and items used in their rituals. This chilling case brought to light the dark underbelly of esoteric sects involved in the mining business, seeking prosperity through heinous acts.

On March 4, judges found Perez and Ramirez guilty of aggravated torture, aggravated murder, and kidnapping, marking a significant moment in the legal proceedings surrounding this case. The couple now faces life imprisonment, with sentencing scheduled for a later date. Meanwhile, Maximiliano’s grandmother, Damaris Estela Perez Escalante, and her partner, Fabian Alberto Monsalve, were acquitted by the judge. The verdict has sparked conversations around the effectiveness of the justice system and the need for stricter measures against such cults.

The community of Segovia and beyond has been left in shock and mourning over the loss of young Maximiliano. The case has raised critical questions about belief systems, the desperation for wealth, and the influence of cult leaders over their followers. It highlights a disturbing trend of ritualistic killings masked as spiritual enlightenment or the pursuit of material gain. As Colombia grapples with this tragedy, there is a growing call for awareness and action against the dangers of occult practices and the exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

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