Breaking Taboos; brave women from some of Zimbabwe’s apostolic sects seek medical services in secret

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“I cannot let my children die because of a religion.”

Mavis Gunyana (not real name) from a village in Gutu, narrated how hard it is for women of the apostolic sect to get medical services for their children.

For years, members of some apostolic sects in Zimbabwe have been denied access to medical services due to their religious beliefs.

Some apostolic churches forbid members from seeking medical attention and instead, they rely solely on prayer for healing.

In what Gunyana calls heartbreaking and devastating, some families lost all their children to deadly diseases like measles.

Gunyana is one of the brave women from this sect who have decided to secretly seek medical services with the help of village health workers.

These women who usually suffer from high rates of maternal and infant mortality have realized the importance of taking care of their health and that of their children, despite religious beliefs.

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