Brad Pitt’s Scientology “Purification” Ritual Would Lead To A Series Of Negative Events With The Church

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Brad Pitt has had quite a scandalous life off-camera. There’s his ongoing messy divorce from Angelina Jolie that started in September 2016. Then his complicated relationship with their kids. But in the ’90s, the Fight Club alum also got into some trouble after his brief stint in Scientology where he did a “purification rundown” with a 15-year-old member of the controversial church.

The Babylon star was introduced to the religion by his then-girlfriend, Juliette Lewis – who was only 17, while Pitt was 26 when they first met on the set of Too Young to Die? in 1990. Unlike Tom Cruise, the actor-turned-philanthropist – who still owes Hurricane Katrina survivors some homes – left Scientology at one point. The organization tried to stop Pitt, but they didn’t succeed. Here’s what happened back there.

In 2020, an ex-Scientologist told The Sun that Pitt briefly joined the religion where he had a 15-year-old “buddy” with him during his “purification” saunas. It was after he left the church’s Los Angeles Celebrity Center due to a “bull baiting” session gone wrong (we’ll discuss that later). “I was being trained up to be a course supervisor, so was sent to Celebrity Center Portland for training,” the source said of the actor’s teenage ritual “twin.”

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