Beware of This New ‘Get Rich Quick’ Scheme on Social Media

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They’re all over TikTok and Instagram. A social media reel of someone claiming they’ve unlocked the keys to financial freedom, all thanks to a digital course they signed up for a few weeks ago. They say that if you just spend some money upfront to learn their affiliate marketing strategy, you, too, can start raking in thousands in passive income.

It’s easy. And it will change your life.

Hmm. Where have we heard this before? Oh, that’s right. It’s the pitch we get from every multi-level marketing “opportunity” that swears it isn’t a pyramid scheme.

Yes, affiliate marketing is real, and yes, you can earn money from it. But MLM scams are misleading. Instead of making money by selling products, you make money by pedaling the same course offering with your own branding to sell with 100% profit, thanks to master resell rights. If you were to diagram this money-making strategy out, it would cascade down into a triangle or “pyramid” shape.

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