Bankrupted by Sandy Hook families, Alex Jones wants to sell SUVs, boats, 49 firearms to Infowars fans

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Alex Jones wants to sell his collection of 49 pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns to fans of his Infowars talk show along with his boats, SUVs and watches as part of his bankruptcy liquidation to pay the Sandy Hook families he defamed.

“(Jones) believes that conducting parts of the proposed sale on air to his viewers could increase the value of certain of the personal property because supporters’ demand for items attributable to (Jones) will increase value — much like memorabilia sales,” Jones’ lead bankruptcy attorney wrote on Monday to the judge in Texas who has been overseeing the Chapter 11 case for a year.

“The proposed sale would result in more liquidity for (Jones) to pay administrative claims and reduce cost to maintain certain personal property, particularly those stored in various storage facilities,” the attorney wrote.

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