Alleged Scientology PI Claims She Was Hired to ‘Stalk’ Mike Rinder, Followed Subjects Using GPS Trackers and Peeping Through Holes in Walls

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A former private investigator claimed she was hired by the Church of Scientology to “stalk” ex-members of the religious group, including Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, and Mat Pesch. Alanna Warren alleged was hired in 2009 and forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement but is speaking out because she is “no longer scared” of the repercussions, has learned.

Warren claimed she met Dwayne Powell and Terry Roffler in Clearwater, Florida, for an internship opportunity and “was hired immediately.”

“I was told no information except that it was a big corporate case,” she stated.

As far as the alleged non-disclosure, Warren said it prevented her from talking about the case. If she did, she was allegedly subject to be sued for up to “$10,000 per contract violation.”

Warren was told that Powell was the lead investigator and Roffler had the client. She was to work under Powell’s supervision.

According to Warren, she and Powell became “romantically involved” shortly after they started working together.

“I ended up getting pregnant with Dwayne’s child,” she claimed in her essay, published in The Underground Bunker. She also alleged that he “manipulated me and forced me into having an abortion, which he paid for” in January 2010.

Warren was first allegedly tasked with following Scobee and Pesch, which she said she did for months.

“We had a motel room across from where they were living. We had a whole setup in the room, with cameras watching them. We had to watch them from the time they woke up until their lights went out,” Warren wrote.

“One person would be in the room watching, while the other investigators were posted in different positions in their cars waiting for them to leave so we could follow them. We had a setup where we could watch them at their warehouse through a tiny hole in the woods that Dwayne said he personally made.”

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