Alex Jones says he can pay less than 1% of Sandy Hook verdicts

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Dec 7 (Reuters) – Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Wednesday said he has less than $12 million of the $1.5 billion he owes the families of Sandy Hook school shooting victims, but they immediately questioned the accuracy of his statements.

In the first hearing of Jones’ bankruptcy in a Houston court, his attorney Vickie Driver said Jones wanted to settle with the Sandy Hook families. They won $1.5 billion in defamation trials over Jones’ lies about the 2012 school shooting.

Jones said in a court filing that it would be “functionally impossible” for him to pay the defamation verdicts in full.

David Zensky, an attorney for the Sandy Hook families, said Jones lied for years about the Sandy Hook shooting and concealed information about his companies InfoWars and Free Speech Systems. He questioned whether Jones would fully disclose his finances.

“We’re here because Mr. Jones’s stock in trade is lies, not truth,” Zensky said at the hearing.

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