Alex Jones Disputes Details of Creditor Bankruptcy Plan Outline

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Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones objected to a document outlining how creditors want him to resolve his bankruptcy, arguing that it’s misleading and doesn’t provide adequate information.

The document, known as a disclosure statement, has “inaccurate and misleading” statements about alleged mismanagement of Jones’ estate, potential creditor recoveries, and treatment of damages owed to families of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims, Jones said in a Tuesday court filing. Jones asked a judge not to approve the disclosure statement, which serves to inform creditors before they cast votes for or against a bankruptcy plan, until his suggested changes are made.

Jones and his creditors have put forth dueling proposals for how the InfoWars host should restructure his debts in bankruptcy, which he filed after he was ordered to pay $1 billion to Sandy Hook victims’ families he defamed.

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