Abby Coleman Has ‘Pity’ and ‘Anger’ for QAnon Husband Matthew Who Allegedly Killed Their 2 Children

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Abby Coleman’s life changed forever on August 7, 2021 — and the former Santa Barbara mother is still reeling from that tragic day.

Abby was packing for a family camping trip with her husband, Matthew Taylor Coleman. Authorities allege that Matthew abruptly put his two kids — Kaleo, 2, and Roxy, 10 months — into his van and drove away from their Santa Barbara, Calif., home.

Abby called police out of concern. According to the FBI’s criminal complaint, she told authorities that she and her husband had not been arguing and that there was no marital strife. She told cops that she did not believe that the children were in any danger and that she thought Matthew would eventually return home with the kids.

But police say he didn’t return, instead driving the children into Mexico. Two days later, authorities allege, he took the kids to a ranch, where he killed them with a spearfishing gun and returned to his hotel a few hours later. He was arrested when he attempted to cross the border back into the United States.

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