A QAnon Cult Set Up a Compound in a Small Town. The Locals Are Fighting Back.

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RICHMOUND, Sask. – Hugh Everding, a bald hulking man of about 6’4”, stares out of the kitchen window of his bungalow as police vehicle after police vehicle rolls down the street headed towards a check stop manned by a half-dozen armed cops.

Every entry point into this no-stoplight town has such a check stop, ready to interrogate both locals and miscreants on what their damn business here is. There’s little doubt that at this moment, Richmound, Saskatchewan, population 130, is the most fortified town in all of Canada.

Seeing another cop car, Hugh takes a sip of his craft beer and turns to us and says that no matter the police presence, it’s just dead around these parts.

“You can hear a mouse get a hard on out here,” he said. “Calm before the storm, I guess.”

But you can always spot a storm brewing in the Prairies. In Hugh’s case, it was just across the street, where the so-called QAnon Queen of Canada and her followers had taken over an abandoned school.

Content retrieved from: https://www.vice.com/en/article/88xk3b/qanon-queen-cult-richmound-school.

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